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The Secret Spice Mix

The curries at Paro are crafted from a guarded secret of 48 spices sourced from the bazaars of India, each carrying a tale from vibrant, spice-scented streets of the vibrant Indian cities. Every plate served at Paro is not merely a meal but a heartfelt letter from the streets of India.

The Tale

Nestled in the heart of Covent Garden, Paro promises a modern Indian dining experience. The story of Paro began amidst the vibrant chaos of Brick Lane, where Chef Niaz has been running the award winning Indian restaurant ‘City Spice’.
Bound by his love for Indian cuisine and driven by the commitment to culinary excellence, Niaz and the team bring to Covent Garden a piece of their heart. Paro is not just about food; it’s about memories, emotions, and a shared passion.

Chef Niaz

Chef Niaz is quickly becoming the face of modern Indian cookery in UK. Growing up in a family of restaurateurs, he spent his days in some of UK’s best restaurant kitchens under the watchful eyes of finest Indian chefs. His art of marrying flavours, textures, and aromas is unparalleled. Chef Niaz is regularly featured on national television to showcase his mastery and flare of Indian cooking

Curry for All

At Paro, we believe in the magic of spices, and the embrace of warmth that only a curry can offer. We see a world where curry can transcend borders, boundaries and binaries to become an experience for everyone. Every handi we cook is a tale of traditions, and tastes, inviting everyone to gather around our table. With every bite, we celebrate unity, diversity, and the shared love for curry.