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a visual feast at the best Indian restaurant covent garden

A Visual Feast at Paro Indian

You cannot deny the Visual Feast at Paro Indian. Our restaurant ensures the great interior and good ambiance. We own the City Spice London. The best Indian restaurant brick lane and we are starting a fresh company in Covent Garden. The idea is to build a complete all-day restaurant with the name “Paro” that is inspired by the Calcutta region of India.

The charm of Covent Garden:

It’s not by chance that Paro is situated in Covent Garden. For many years, London’s Covent Garden has been a bustling and well-known district. This ancient neighborhood is famed for its hopping markets, live street entertainment, and cultural significance. Due to its location in Covent Garden, Paro may thrive in this buzzing, energetic environment and draw both locals and tourists.

Customers from all around London can visit Covent Garden with ease thanks to its convenient location. A must-visit spot for those looking for a genuine Indian dining experience, Paro is easily accessible whether you’re visiting the area or living in the city.

The Best Indian Restaurant in Covent Garden, London:

We are soon becoming one of the best Indian restaurants Covent Garden. Undoubtedly, we have excellent service, delicious food, and decor that is influenced by Bollywood. A feast for the eyes, the restaurant features beautiful carvings, vibrant paintings, and traditional Indian furniture. So, it’s the ideal location to have a special supper with friends or family because of the lively, friendly ambiance.

A Melody of Colors:

  1. Paro Indian’s decor is a captivating combination of strong, brilliant colors that are inspired of Bollywood movies. Similarly, richly colored walls in scarlet, gold, and turquoise create an extravagant yet welcome ambiance.
  2. complicated Artwork: The restaurant’s interior is decorated with Indian artwork that is both challenging and gorgeous, featuring hand-painted murals and exquisitely carved wooden panels. These components give the room’s design a sense of refinement.
  3. Dim lighting magic:

For a special occasion or romantic supper, Paro Indian’s warm, low lighting creates the ideal atmosphere. The restaurant’s attractiveness is enhanced by the dance of light and shadow.

A visual feast at Paro Indian an inside glimpse:

The inside of PARO India has the same level of careful craftsmanship that the Devdas filmmakers used to create the film’s settings. The outstanding furniture carvings and wallpaper designs, as well as every other aspect of the restaurant’s decor, have all been carefully examined.

A Visual Feast at Paro Indian, The Best Indian Restaurant in London with Bollywood-Inspired Decor at lyceum theater. We offer a fantastic option for the families seeking for a spot to eat before or after the play because we are close to the Lion King Lyceum Theatre.

Kids menu:

Similarly, it’s an excellent opportunity for families with young children as we offer a kid’s menu for those under 10 between the hours of 8am and 5pm. Additionally, we provide parents more alternatives to pick from, enhancing their dining experience with us.

A Heaven for Fans of Indian Cuisine

Paro Indian is a revelation for fans of Indian food. The items on the menu, which includes a delicious selection of both classic and modern meals, are arranged in a deft harmony of spices and fragrances. Every dish on the menu at Paro Indian, from the flavorful biryanis to the delicious tandoori grills, showcases the power of chef in the kitchen.

Our Aim:

We really believe in the power of spices and the comforting embrace of warmth that a curry can provide at Paro. Let’s imagine a world in which curry can cross boundaries, categorizations, and borders to become a universal experience. Every handy we prepare tells a story of customs and flavors and invites guests to our table. So, every taste is a celebration of our shared love of curry as well as our diversity and unity. We are here to make new records of serving best Indian food Covent Garden.

So, what are you waiting for? Indian cuisine is available at Lyceum Theatre Covent Garden. In the heart of Covent Garden, come to us to and experience authentic Calcutta hospitality and grandeur.

Take advantage of a 50% opening discount through September 30.

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