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University Students Discout at Paro Indian

Now we are here to announce University Students Discout at Paro Indian, Enter a culinary paradise where inventiveness and tradition coexist, and savoury curries dance with fragrant spices. In addition to becoming a gastronomic destination in the centre of Covent Garden, Paro Indian has extended a warm welcome to college students by providing an alluring 25% discount to SOAS, QML, LSE, KCL, and UCL cardholders.

Unveiling the Best Indian Curry House in Covent Garden – Paro Indian:

Let’s explore why Paro Indian is the greatest Indian curry house in Covent Garden and beyond as we take a trip through the vivid tapestry of flavours that it offers.

The Ambiance:

The warm atmosphere of Paro Indian greets you as soon as you enter and skillfully blends contemporary style with classic charm. It’s the perfect place for a get-together with friends or a romantic meal because of the cosy atmosphere created by the warm colours and soft lighting. The restaurant’s interior design honours Indian culture, offering a feast for the senses even before you take a mouthful.

Niaz Caan, the Culinary Maestro:

Chef Niaz Caan, a master chef who loves creating unique dining experiences, has taken over at Paro Indian. Chef Niaz Caan is well-known for bringing originality and skill to traditional Indian cuisine, putting their unique spin on each dish. His announcement of a unique 25% discount for SOAS, QML, LSE, KCL, and UCL university students recently caused a stir. His willingness to make Paro Indian a gathering place for both foodies and students is demonstrated by this kind offer.

Explore the Menu:

Paro Indian’s vast à la carte menu is a tribute to real Indian flavours. All the dishes, from aromatic biryanis to mouthwatering tandoori treats, are a harmonious blend of spices. Papadums are a great way to explore new flavours and kick off your culinary adventure. They’re bright and zesty. Then have some delicious, well grilled gallati kebab.

The Chronicles of Curry:

Paro Indian is the best place in Covent Garden to get the best Indian curries. Their Butter Chicken is a rich, creamy dish that is considered to be among the best in London. Steamed over fragrant basmati rice, the aromatic best Chicken Biryani is a feast for the senses. Every curry is a work of art, carefully prepared to take you to the busy streets of India.

Best Indian Food in Covent Garden:

Every dish at Paro Indian reflects the restaurant’s dedication to providing the best Indian cuisine in Covent Garden. The chefs create a menu that appeals to a variety of palates by skillfully balancing classic recipes with modern cooking methods. Paro Indian provides a memorable eating experience, regardless of your preference for the deep, velvety texture of a Saag Paneer or the flaming taste of a Chicken Vindaloo.

University Students Discout at Paro Indian:

The Paro Indian experience is made even more generous by Chef Niaz Caan’s statement on Instagram of a 25% discount for students from SOAS, QML, LSE, KCL, and UCL. Students who want to escape the pressures of academia can enjoy the restaurant’s full à la carte menu according to this special deal, which makes it a gourmet sanctuary. To enjoy the delicious delicacies at any time of day, just show your university card.

From Meal to Experience Transition:

Paro Indian elevates a basic dinner into an unforgettable experience in addition to its delicious food. Having a personal touch from the attentive and courteous staff ensures that your time at the restaurant is about more than simply food—it’s about making memories that will last a lifetime.


In conclusion, Paro Indian in Covent Garden is the greatest Indian curry restaurant, drawing customers in with its flawless tastes, cosy atmosphere, and chef Niaz Caan’s culinary wizardry. The cherry on top is the special 25% discount for university students, which invites students from SOAS, QML, LSE, KCL, and UCL to enjoy the best Indian food in London. Not only do you leave Paro Indian with a taste of delicious curries, but you also take with you the memory of a truly unique dining experience.

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