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Paro Indian’s Nana No Permit Negroni 

Unvelling Paro Indian’s “Nana No Permit Negroni” : a toast to revolution. Covent Garden is a bustling centre of London that has a contemporary yet timeless vitality. Paro Indian Covent Garden is a hidden gem known for having the tastiest Indian curries in Covent Garden—some would even claim the entire city—and is tucked away among bustling marketplaces and famous theatres. However, Paro’s enchantment goes well beyond its delicious curries. Enter their sophisticated venue and set off on an inventive cocktail adventure, each one celebrating Indian flavours with a modern twist.

Among the best Indian drinks Paro has to offer in Covent Garden is the fascinatingly called “Nana No Permit Negroni.” This interesting mixture is a tribute to an earlier period in Indian history when acquiring an alcohol permission included a lot of red tape. The name of the cocktail, which translates to “Grandma Doesn’t Need a Permit,” is a tongue-in-cheek jab at grandfathers who might have indulged in a few drinks without the proper documentation.

A Classic Reimagined: The Legacy of Nana No Permit Negroni:

Drawing inspiration from the original Negroni, a timeless cocktail made with gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth, comes the “Nana No Permit Negroni”. But Paro’s talented mixologists work their magic, infusing this beloved recipe with a hint of Indian flavour. This is where the narrative takes a delightful turn. “Nana No Permit Negroni” uses a specially made Indian rose vermouth in place of the standard sweet vermouth. This unusual component, which is blended with aromatic rose petals, gives the drink a delicately flowery tone while keeping the traditional Negroni base flavour intact.

Beyond the Rim: A Symphony of Flavors

With the first taste of the “Nana No Permit Negroni,” you may experience a lovely exploration of sweet, bitter, and floral aromas. The juniper-forward gin provides the base, expertly counterbalancing its botanical richness with the bittersweetness of Campari. Subsequently, the taste of Indian rose vermouth becomes apparent, bringing a subtle floral elegance that stays on the palate. With a delicate fragrance of rose, the finish is dry and refined, making you want to take another sip.

A Perfect Pairing: “Nana No Permit Negroni” Meets Paro’s Culinary Delights

The “Nana No Permit Negroni” is a great cocktail on its own, but it really shines when combined with Covent Garden’s best Indian food in Paro. Here’s how some of Paro’s culinary treasures go with this unusual cocktail:

Tandoori chicken:

Tandoori chicken‘s smokey, charred flavours are well balanced by the “Nana No Permit Negroni.” The flowery flavours of the rose vermouth provide a touch of refinement, while the sharpness of the Campari balances the smokiness. The spicy spices in the marinade combine with the botanical richness of the gin to create a symphony of flavours.

Lamb Rogan Josh:

Are you in the mood for adventure? The “Nana No Permit Negroni” expertly counterbalances the strong flavors of Lamb Rogan Josh. The harshness of the Campari cuts through the richness of the lamb, while the floral sweetness of the rose vermouth balances the dish’s heat. The spicy spices in the curry blend well with the botanical flavours of the gin, making for a really delicious drink.

Vegetable Korma:

The creamy Vegetable Korma goes well with the “Nana No Permit Negroni” for vegetarians.The delicate complexity of the Campari and gin contrasts with the floral notes of the rose vermouth and the richness of the coconut milk, elevating the meal. Overall, it’s a charming and elegant combination.

Beyond the Negroni: A World of Delectable Options

Paro’s inventive cocktail menu, appropriately called “Tipples & Delights,” includes such creations as the “Nana No Permit Negroni.” Skillfully made cocktails, many of which have tantalizing Indian flavors, abound in this place, making it a veritable gold mine. There’s a cocktail for every taste and every occasion, ranging from the cool sweetness of a “Mango Lassi Colada” to the seductive smoke of a “Kashmiri Kahwa Martini.”

A Culinary Adventure Awaits: Paro Indian Covent Garden:

So, the next time you’re in Covent Garden and you’re itching for something a little bit different to eat, you should definitely go to Paro Indian. Savour the best Indian curries in Covent Garden, or delve into the many selections on their best a la carte menu – ideal for a relaxed dinner or pre-show. Take a trip of exploration with their “Tipples & Delights” menu after that. You’re sure to have a tasty and unique experience, whether you go for the interesting “Nana No Permit Negroni” or one of their other creative creations.

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