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Paro Indian’s Iconic Spinach and Cheese 

Taste the Paro Indian’s Iconic Spinach and Cheese from their ala carte menu. Surely, a best ruby Murray classic that will never disappoint you. Situated in the centre of Covent Garden, Paro Indian has established itself as the area’s leading provider of Indian cuisine. Their à la carte menu is a showcase for excellent Indian food. One of its most popular dishes is the Spinach and Cheese Ruby Murray, which is a dish that embodies the perfect balance of flavours and textures.

Paro Indian’s Iconic Spinach and Cheese: Saffron butter and Spinach:

This culinary marvel is enhanced with the subtle scent and vivid golden colour of saffron, one of the most valuable spices in the world. The carefully cooked spinach’s vivid green colour and the creamy cottage cheese make a stunning combination.  Perfectly counterbalanced by the rich, decadent butter sauce, they combine to produce a symphony of flavours.

Paro Indian’s Iconic Spinach and Cheese: An Entertaining Blend of Textures

Cheese and spinach A fascinating texture-interplay is provided by Ruby Murray. The cottage cheese is tender and yielding, and the sauce has a velvety smooth consistency. To balance the dish’s overwhelming richness, the delicate spinach leaves offer a note of earthiness.

A Proof of Skill in Cooking

The skilled cooks at Paro Indian show their unwavering dedication to quality in all aspects of this dish. An exceptional eating experience is guaranteed by carefully sourced, premium ingredients. The Ruby Murray spinach and cheese dish is transformed from a simple dish into a gourmet masterpiece by the precise preparation and beautiful presentation.

Savour London’s Finest Vegan Indian Cuisine

Paro Indian is aware that great eating experiences are more than just food choices. Their Spinach and Cheese Ruby Murray is a testament to their commitment to creating the best Indian vegan cuisine in London. High-quality plant-based ingredients guarantee that vegan eaters will experience the same unmatched flavours and sensations as their meat-eating counterparts.

Explore Covent Garden to See the Essence of Indian Cuisine

A visit to Paro Indian is a must-do when exploring Covent Garden’s culinary scene. Stepping through our doors transports you to a place where innovation and tradition coexist. Enjoy their delicious Spinach and Cheese Ruby Murray, which is proof of their steadfast dedication to providing the best Indian food in Covent Garden.

What makes Paro Indian?

In addition to their delicious food, Paro Indian has a great atmosphere that goes well with it. Whether you’re looking for an energetic get-together with friends or a romantic evening, the warm and friendly ambiance creates the perfect setting for an unforgettable dining experience.

Experience the Difference:

Make no compromises with substandard Indian cuisine. Learn how passion, skill, and the best ingredients can make a difference at Paro Indian. Kicking off their menu is the Ruby Murray, a dish featuring a delightful combination of spinach and cheese. Go on a gourmet journey with their large à la carte menu; you’ll definitely be longing more afterward.

Visit Paro Indian Today

So, Make your bookings and come enjoy the best Indian food in Covent Garden with those who already know the trick. Let the mouthwatering flavours of Paro Indian’s renowned Spinach and Cheese spicy curry to tantalise your senses and feed your spirit.

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