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Geeza Naan of Paro Indian, The Covent Garden’s Culinary Gem

Unveiling the Legendary Geeza Naan of Paro Indian Cuisine at Covent Garden’s Culinary Gem. London’s Covent Garden is a hive of activity that is alive with life. For those looking for a true Indian eating experience, Paro Indian is a refuge tucked away between busy streets and important historical sites. Although they have a wide variety of delicious curries and traditional foods on their menu, one dish in particular, the Geeza Naan, stands out for its special combination of flavour, spice, and absolute richness.  This creative creation breaks the mould of regular naan bread and comes from right here in Brick Lane, London, rather than the food capital of Calcutta.

Above and Beyond: A Blend of Tastes

The popular side dish that goes with Indian curries, naan, is usually an enriched flatbread baked in a tandoor oven. But Geeza Naan from Paro Indian elevates this timeless melody to a whole new level. Picture a light, fluffy naan base bursting at the seams with flavorful minced lamb, creamy cheese, garlic, and hot, spicy qeema. It is a veritable sensory explosion due to the amalgamation of flavours and textures produced by the components.

Geeza Naan of Paro Indian, A Symphony of Spice:

The heat from the chilli leaves a delightful aftertaste on the tongue. The creamy cheese provides a calm and comforting counterbalance to this spicy element. Garlic lends the naan its distinct flavour and a mild bite, which further enhances the depth of the flavour profile. Last but not least, the succulent and aromatic qeema adds a pleasing savoury element that unifies the whole experience.

Presentation Matters: A Delight for the Senses and the Taste Buds

The Geeza Naan looks as stunning as it tastes when it gets to your table. The tandoor’s charred surface, with touches of golden brown, belies the hidden gems within.  The sight of the bright green chilies, the creamy white cheese, and the rich brown of the qeema is tantalising when you tear into the warm naan.

The Perfect Accompaniment: A Match Made in Curry Heaven:

Even though the Geeza Naan is excellent on its own, Paro Indian’s wide variety of curries really bring it to life.  Picture dipping the naan into a rich butter chicken, with the chilli imparting a hint of spice and the creamy sauce adhering to the soft dough.  For the more daring, try it with a spicy vindaloo; the contrast in flavours and textures will make for an unforgettable meal.

Beyond the Geeza Naan: Discovering the Joys of the Paro Indian

The varied a la carte menu at Paro Indian caters to all tastes.Their broad menu features dishes that highlight the diverse culinary landscape of India, such as the famous Chicken Tikka Masala and the melt-in-your-mouth culcuttan chilli paneer. These are some best Indian curries of Paro Indain.

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