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Jub We Met Martinis, Paro Indian’s Tipples & cocktails

Jub We Met Martinis ranks as one of the top-rated cocktails from Paro Indian’s Tipples & cocktails. Despite the brilliant selection of restaurants and pubs in Covent Garden, a dynamic hub in the heart of London, Paro Indian Covent Garden stands out among the multitude of options. Many regard it as offering the best Indian food in Covent Garden, but it’s not just that; it also shines for its inventive and enjoyable “Tipples & Cocktails” department. Discover a world of carefully created beverages here that combine traditional cocktails with a distinctive Indian touch to create a mouthwatering experience for all palates.

Jub We Met Martinis: An Electic Mix of Delights

The days of standard cocktail menus are long gone. With a wide variety of options, Paro’s “Tipples & Cocktails” has something to offer everyone. Cocktail aficionados will discover traditional favourites reinterpreted with an Indian twist, and those looking for teetotal options can peruse a delightful assortment of mocktails. At Paro, their beautifully made beverages are the ideal accompaniment to any occasion, be it pre-theater drinks or exquisite meals.

A Bollywood Love Story in a Glass:

Paro’s “Tipples & Cocktails” menu features an assortment of specialty drinks, each with an original flavour profile and a funny moniker. The “Jub We Met Martini” is one such treasure. With each sip, this delectable mixture captures the essence of passion, paying homage to the classic Bollywood love narrative. An orange bitters garnish gives a zesty touch, and a traditional olive garnish rounds off the presentation and flavor profile of Jin, whose smooth flavor is enhanced by the faint bitterness of the vermouth, making up the foundation. A nice precursor to a delightful lunch at Paro, the “Jub We Met Martini” conveys the delicious thoughts of a blooming relationship with every sip.

A Symphony of Flavors: Classic Cocktails with an Indian Twist

The menu item “Tipples & Cocktails” at Paro is more than just fun titles for their famous beverages. The restaurant’s skilled mixologists combine Indian flavours into traditional drinks. Imagine a Margarita with a hint of heat from the jalapeño, or a Mojito with the cool aromas of lime and mint. With each sip, these creative reinterpretations surprise and enchant your taste senses with a symphony of flavours.

Teetotal Delights: Refreshing Mocktails for Every Occasion

Not everybody is a big fan of alcohol. But that doesn’t mean you have to pass up the pleasure! Paro has wisely included a selection of teetotal options on their “Tipples & Cocktails” menu. Moreover, These delightful mocktails provide a tasty and colourful substitute for alcoholic drinks. They are skillfully made with fresh fruits, herbs, and spices. Paro’s mocktails are a tasty and wonderful option whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just looking for a refreshing drink.

The Perfect Complement: Enjoy Paro’s Drinks at the Bar or with Your Meal

The “Tipples & Cocktails” menu at Paro offers more than simply stand-alone beverages. In addition, Paro expertly crafts drinks designed to complement their exquisite Indian cuisine. Indulge in a pre-show cocktail at the bar before exploring their extensive a la carte menu, considered by many to be the best option in Covent Garden for both pre-theatre and a la carte dining. Alternatively, match your meal to your preferred mocktail or drink so that the flavours can mingle on your taste.


Undoubtedly, there are many pubs and restaurants in Covent Garden, Paro Indian Covent Garden’s “Tipples & Cocktails” menu is something really unique. Paro offers a wide variety of refreshing mocktails, inventive twists on classic cocktails, and entertaining trademark beverages like the “Jub We Met Martini” to suit every taste. So, The next time you’re in Covent Garden, make sure to stop by Paro and embark on a delicious culinary adventure—one skillfully crafted just for you. Savour the best cocktails in Covent Garden in an environment that combines delectable Indian food with a creative and lively cocktail programme.

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