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Introducing the Dadi’s Daiquiri: Elevate Your Experience at Paro Indian

Paro Indian is Introducing the Dadi’s Daiquiri, So, Elevate Your Experience at Paro Indian. London’s buzzing centre of Covent Garden is full with life. A refuge known for the best Indian curries in Covent Garden (and some might even argue all of London!) is Paro Indian Covent Garden, tucked away amid theatres, busy markets, and street performers. Its delicious curries are just one aspect of Paro’s charm, though. When you enter their classy venue, you’ll be taken on a modernised Indian flavor-celebration drink expedition.

A particularly delicious option among Paro’s best Indian cocktails in Covent Garden is the “Dadi’s Daiquiri ‘Log Kya Kahenge’ (Dadi Doesn’t Care)”. – an intriguing name that raises the questions, “Who is Dadi, and why doesn’t she care?” The answer, of course, is in the beverage itself—a colourful mixture that exudes an attitude of carefree fun.

A Familiar Foundation with an Unexpected Twist

Upon initial observation, the “Dadi’s Daiquiri” seems recognisable. The foundation is a throwback to the popular daiquiri, consisting of rum, lime juice, and sugar syrup. But that’s where the similarity ends. With a wonderful diversion through the exotic streets of India, Paro’s talented mixologists work their magic on this classic cocktail.

Presenting the Symphony of Spices: 

The faint scent of cardamom brings the first whiff of the unexpected. This aromatic spice gives the beverage a hint of warmth and richness. It is frequently used in Indian desserts and curries. A hint of green chilli gives your palate a mild heat rush as soon as you take your first sip. This whimsical touch gives the cocktail a pleasant zing that lingers on the tongue, elevating it beyond the ordinary.

The Perfect Pairing: A Culinary Symphony

The “Dadi’s Daiquiri” is a tasty beverage on its own, but it really comes to life when combined with Paro’s best Indian cuisine in all of London. Perfectly balancing the richness of Indian curries are the sweet notes of rum and the zesty bite of lime juice. The following are some ways that Paro’s culinary marvels are elevated by the “Dadi’s Daiquiri”:

Butter Chicken:

“Dadi’s Daiquiri” is the ideal complement to the butter chicken’s smooth, tomato-based gravy. The lime juice provides a hint of acidity that improves the taste, while the sweetness of the rum cuts through the dish’s richness. The heat from the green chilli balances the warmth from the curry’s spices, resulting in a well-balanced symphony of tastes.

Saag Paneer:

The “Dadi’s Daiquiri” perfectly balances the dish’s velvety spinach and paneer (Indian cottage cheese) basis. The sweetness of the rum creates a lovely contrast to the earthy flavours of the spinach, while the lime juice cuts through the creaminess. A pleasant kick from the green chilli wakes the taste senses and enhances the whole experience.

Tandoori Chicken

The “Dadi’s Daiquiri” wonderfully balances the smokey, charred flavours of tandoori chicken. The rum provides a hint of sweetness to counterbalance the char, while the lime juice cuts through the smokiness. The heat from the green chilli reflects the chicken’s smoky undertones, making for an incredibly gratifying combination.


Paro’s “Tipples & Delights” is an escape from the ordinary. Thus, the next time you’re in Covent Garden, hoping for.

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